The study – pt. 1

The study

Chapter One

“Ok, Natalie, I’m glad you’re willing to participate in our research-program. If you would just sign this form you can move in.” Lisa said. The young doctor pushed a few sheets of paper across the desk to Natalie. “It might look a bit weird to you to sign a contract… well, but it’s really just insurance, like that you’re of legal age et cetera…”

The girl scrolled the papers. Everything looked pretty bureaucratic and professional, and after all she needed the money… So she didn’t really bother to read the text carefully and just scribbled her signature below the last line.

“Very good.” Lisa said and took the papers from her. “I’m sure we will work well together during the next days.”

“I hope so, too.” Said Natalie. She smiled. This really should be easy earned cash! “So… what exactly is my duty?”

“Oh, that’s easy.” Smiled Lisa, “You’ll simply stay in the clinic until Friday morning, that’s 90 hours, while we’re doing various tests. It won’t hurt, I promise.”

“Ok.” Natalie smiled as well, “If it doesn’t hurt you can do what you like.”

“I’m glad to hear that!” laughed Lisa. “So come on, Natalie, I’ll accompany you to your room.”

“Will I need to stay in bed for all the time?” Natalie asked, almost hoping it would be so.

“No, not all of the time, but still quite enough.”

“… Sounds relaxing.”

Lisa laughed again: “Well… at least it shall be comfortable.”

They stood up and walked out of the office. Natalie followed Lisa along a white, sterile hospital corridor with many doors on both sides. Over her shoulder she carried her small gym bag with her private things for the next three days. Lazy days, as she thought.

“So,” said the girl while they walked down the corridor, “what kind of clinic is this? I haven’t seen any patients around…”

“Well, they’re all in the main building. Did you see the big red house on the left of the drive? That’s the actual hospital.”

“So this building here is only for research?”

“Yes.” Answered the doctor, “For research and laboratories and things like that. We’re really glad; that our institute got excluded from the main health clinic business… it can get quite stressful at times…”

Natalie nodded. “And in here you can work peaceably…”

“Exactly. And there’s a lot of space. Every member of our team even got an own small apartment.”

“Oh, so you’re sort of living here?” Asked Natalie in surprise.

“Yeah, sort of.” Answered Lisa with a smile. “At least when there’s a lot of work to do… But here we are.” She stopped walking and opened a door, “Welcome!”

It was a rather luxurious room with a big, comfortable looking bed, a nightstand with TV and a stereo, a narrow closet and another door that might lead to the private bathroom. On the opposite side were a wide window and even a little balcony.

“That looks nice.” Said Natalie as her eyes wandered around the room and rested on the downy bedsheetes, “And indeed very comfortable… “

“I’m glad you like it. So, you just move in. I’ll be back in about half an hour for the first test. If there’s anything you need just press the button above the bed. Ok?”

“Ok. Thanks.”

Lisa left the room and closed the door. Natalie smiled as she started to inspect the room. When she opened the door next to the entrance, she saw a big, white tiled bathroom with a quite luxurious shower. “Wow. Comfortable indeed.” She repeated herself, “I should have signed for two weeks.”

Then she went back in the bedroom and started to place her few things in the closet. That really should be easy earned money!

After she had pushed her gym bag up on the closet, she opened the French window and stepped out on the balcony. From there, she had a perfect look down into the wide, peaceful garden of the clinic. Nicely cultivated assembles of various flowers, surrounded by large lawn and trimmed hatches. A bit further afar stood a group of thick, old trees that bordered a little pond…

The late afternoon sun shined down on her and she pleasantly stretched out her arms over her head. “Hmmm!” She moaned contentedly, “That’s nice.”

She enjoyed her surrounding and the warmth of the sun for another few minutes, and then she went back inside and lay down on the big fluffy bed sheets. “Hmmm.” She sighed once more and lolled comfortably. “In bed until Friday… that should be heaven.”

When Lisa returned she was still lying on the bed.
“Hi Natalie. Are you all right?”

“Oh, I’m fantastic.” Natalie said and stretched her arms lazily above her head.

“Great. I brought our questionnaire with me. If you would just answer a few questions before we can start?”

“But I did already fill out some medical forms the other day.” Natalie sat up on the bed and looked a bit bored.

Lisa sat down on a chair next to the bed, unfolded a few sheets of paper and put them on her lap. “I know, these are just for me to be sure. You know bureaucracy! Lie down again if you like. Relax.” She drew a pen from her blouse and started scribbling something on the paper. “So your age was…?”

“19.” Completed Natalie with a slightly annoyed sigh and dropped back on the mattress.

“19.” Repeated Lisa while writing. “Do you know your exact height?”

“That’s 172 cm, if I didn’t shrink.”

Lisa giggled. “Not yet, I hope. And your weight?”

“It was 53 kilograms last week, but if you need it very precisely…”

“Oh, that’s fine.” Said Lisa, taking her notes. “So, what do you do? I mean, are you going to college?”

“I have been. I think about studying at University, but… I don’t know yet.”

“Good. What would you like to study, I mean, if you’re going to study?”

Natalie looked a bit uncomfortable when she answered. “I don’t really know. May b medicine or biology… something like that.”

Lisa smiled at her. “Oh, that’s good. If you’ll need a job, just tell me.” She giggled.

Natalie smiled back and felt relaxed again.

“How did you get to know about our research program?” Lisa continued her questions.

“My doctor, I mean my gynaecologist told me. She said I might be suitable…”

“Was that Tina, I mean Miss M.?” Lisa interrupted.

“Yes.” Natalie said, “Do you know her?”

“Oh yes, quite well actually. We were roommates at university.” She continued filling out the questions, turning over her papers. “When did you have your first sexual intercourse?”

“What?” Natalie sat up again, looking a bit confused.

“Your first sexual intercourse.” Lisa repeated calmly. “How old have you been?”

“Ummm… 17. Why?” Natalie stammered.

“Because it’s quite important.” Lisa just replied and wrote down the numbers. “If Miss M. suggested you to join our program, she must have told you that we would ask a few intimate things.”

“Oh, it’s ok.” Natalie said quickly. “I was just a bit surprised, sorry.” She slowly laid back
Down again.

“No problem.” Lisa’s smile looked warm and understanding. „We’re not used to talking about things like that, unfortunately. But you will get used to it soon. So, your first sex, was it with a boy or a girl? “

“A boy.” Natalie answered a bit astonished.

“Ok. And before that, did you masturbate?”

Natalie blushed again and squirmed around uncomfortably. “Ummm… well… Everyone does, don’t they?”

“Of course.” Lisa replied gently. “Could you say when you started?”

“I think when I was about… eleven. Is that too early?” She quickly added.

Lisa laughed. “Oh no, definitely not.” She paused a second to take her notes. “Right.” She continued, “And after your first intercourse, did you have sex regularly?”

“Ummm…” Natalie blushed slightly and felt uneasy again, “Not exactly… I guess.”

“What do you mean? When did you have your last intercourse?”

“It’s nearly a year ago. Seems like I’m just not made for longer relationships…” She said with a hint of sadness in her voice.

Lisa abruptly lifted her head up from her papers and looked straight into Natalie’s eyes. “Don’t ever think something like that.” She said sternly. Her playful smile was gone and for a brief moment her face looked knowing and stern. Then her smile returned, “Well,” She laughed and started folding up her papers, “if we’re lucky, we’ll have you think slightly different on Friday. Anyway, that’s enough questions for now. If you would accompany me to the examination room so we could do the first test?”

“Sure.” Natalie answered quickly and got up from the bed, feeling quite relived that the intimate questioning was over. She followed Lisa out in the corridor. That brief moment had left her with a deep trust for the young doctor.

“By the way,” she asked while they walked, “what exactly are your researches about?”

Lisa smiled. “Oh, sorry. I thought Miss M. had told you. We’re doing researches on the sensitivity of the female body connected to sexual arousal.”

Natalie stopped walking. “Sex… sexual, umm, arousal?” She asked with a mixture of shock and surprise.

“Yes.” Lisa smiled and gently pushed her on forward. “Don’t worry, Natalie, it’ll be all right. Here we are.”

She opened the door to the examination room. The room was big and light. In the middle stood a large chair, which looked a bit like a gyn chair, just that this one was padded with soft, furry material. Next to the chair stood a beautiful, young woman, no more than two or three years older than Natalie herself.

“This is Laura, my personal assistant. Laura, that’s Natalie.” Lisa introduced them to each other.

“Hi Natalie.” Laura said with a bright smile.

“Hi Laura. Nice to meet you.” Natalie answered, still a bit concerned about what she heard about the researches.

Lisa closed the door behind them. “Ok, if you would undress please, Natalie, so we can start?”

“Undress? I mean… totally?” Natalie asked.

“Of course.” Lisa smiled. “In this first test we need to get an overview over certain regions of your body. Don’t be shy, Natalie, we’ll see you nude anyway during your stay here. And after all we’re all girls.”
Lisa and Laura both giggled sympathically.

“Oh… of course.” Natalie started to undress. She pushed her pullover up over her head, then her t-shirt. Then she unzipped her Jeans and pushed them down. All the while Lisa and Laura were watching her with obvious interest.

“You look very nice, Natalie.” Lisa smiled, “I bet you’re doing a lot of fitness.”

“Umm, well… Not regularly, actually… Thank you.” Natalie said a bit confused.

“Please take off your panties and bra as well, will you?” Laura said, also smiling.

“Umm, sure.” Natalie unsnapped her bra and let her medium sized breasts stand free and firm. Then she pulled off her panties and revealed her soft, dark brown pubic hair. Finally she stood totally nude and with a quite red face in front of the two fully dressed physicians.

“Fine, Natalie.” Lisa said. “Now please sit down in the examination chair.” She pointed over to the chair in the middle of the room. Natalie walked over and sat down. The soft material surrounded her thighs very comfortably.

“Please rest your feet on the foot rests.” Said Laura, who had followed her to the chair. Natalie lifted her feet and put them on the rests which made her thighs fall wide apart and her sex clearly visible.

“Ok.” Lisa started and walked over to a computer terminal. “Laura will now test various body parts to sensitivity. Are you Ok, Natalie?”

“Y-yes… I’m fine.” Actually, she wasn’t “fine” at all… her face was glowing red and she felt quite distressed and uncomfortable. ‘I’ll simply imagine I’m at Doc M’s office…’ She thought to herself.

“Laura?” Lisa winked at her personal assistant.

“With pleasure.” Laura smiled and stepped up to Natalie. “Would you lift up your arms for me, please?”
Natalie lifted her arms, which had covered her breasts, above her head.
“Fine.” Said Laura. She stretched out her hands and softly stroked up Natalie’s sides, from the hips to her armpits.

“Eeeeeek.” Natalie screeched and reflexively clamped down her arms.

“Oh dear,” Laura said in a slightly playful tone, “seems like we’ve got someone ticklish here.”

“Oh… no… I’m not… I was just… caught by surprise… I mean… I’m sorry…” Natalie quickly stammered and raised her arms again, her face getting even redder with embarrassment.

“It’s Ok, Natalie.” Said Lisa calmly, „We’ll help you. Laura?”

“Yes.” answered Laura. She grabbed a wide strap that hung loosely from the headrest of the chair and winched it with astonishing speed around the naked girl’s forearms and the backrest. Before Natalie fully realized what happened, her wrists and elbows were bound tightly to the head of the chair.

“Wha… what are you…” Natalie started to complain…

“You better do her knees and feet as well.” Interrupted Lisa.

“Yeah!” giggled Laura, “She looks like a squirmy one…”

“But… no… that’s not necessary, really…” started Natalie, but Laura had already used two similar straps to tie her knees and calves to the leg rests of the chair, spreading her thighs apart.

“Don’t worry, Natalie. It’s all right. Now,” Lisa said with a big smile on her face, “please start once more, Laura.”

Laura brushed her fingers up Natalie’s sides again. The girl shivered and flexed her arm muscles. But this time her arms staid right where they were…

“Eehee… mmmmm… mmmmpffffeeheeheemmmmm… hehehehe…” Natalie tried to suppress the upcoming giggles.

“Oh, poor girl.” said Laura with a huge grin, continuing to stroke up and down Natalie’s sides, “She really IS ticklish.”

“Yes. No doubt.” Lisa laughed, “Try her armpits.”

“What?” Natalie’s eyes widened in shock “Noooooo! Pleeheeheeheese!”

“Oh dear. They look really sensitive.” Giggled Laura. She brushed her fingers very softly and slowly from Natalie’s upper ribs, through the valleys of her shaven pits, up her arms and back down again. Every time her soft fingers touched the sensitive skin of Natalie’s pits, the girl squirmed and bucked reflexively.

“Oh,” said Laura in a teasing tone, “looks like her pits are quite… sensitive…” She rested her fingertips right in Natalie’s armpits and started to softly scribble up and down the silky surface.

There was no way to hold back the giggles now: “Ohhhhhshiheeheeheehee… neeeeeheeheeheehee! Oh noooo! I thought you were doing re… reheheeheesearcheseeeeeek!”

“But we do.” Said Lisa and stroke her computer keyboard, “its all part of the exam. Go ahead, Laura.”

Laura continued to probe Natalie’s armpits for a few more seconds. Finally Lisa signalled her to stop.

Natalie was panting in her bounds. Her face was red and tears glistened in her eyes.
“Oh… Heeheehee… That tickled…” she gasped.

“You’re doing great.” Lisa said, making some notes on her computer. “Tell me, Natalie, how do you feel? Do you feel anything sexual yet?”

Natalie inhaled some air. “Sex…?… I don’t know… I mean, no…”

“Oh well,” Lisa said and typed Natalie’s answer in the computer, “I think we’re just doing the boo… umm, I mean the breasts next. Laura, please take the tools.”

“With pleasure.” Laura bent down. When she raised up again she held two long, wide ostrich feathers in her hand, smiling bridely. Natalie’s eyes grew wide when she saw the so called examination tools.

“Oh no… Please… My boo… breasts are really sensitive. I’ll go mad if you touch them with… those.”

“Relax.” Grinned Laura, “Just relax.” She took one feather in each hand and started to brush them in long, steady strokes across the upper region of Natalie’s firm breasts. The girl gasped in shock, then squirmed and giggled frantically: “Ohheeheeheeheehee! Noooo!”

Laura was clearly enjoying herself. She stroked the sides of the feathers up and down, back and forth from the girl’s collarbones to right above her areolas and watched in fascination as her nipples started to harden.

“Her nipples are getting erect.” she announced to Lisa, while Natalie giggled like mad.

“Very nice. Try the undersides, but don’t touch the tips.” Said Lisa.

“Aaaaaalllll right.” Laura let the fluffy feathers slowly wander across the sensitive skin of Natalie’s breasts, just below the nipples.

Natalie squirmed desperately. The feathers on her breasts felt so soft and gentle, but they also tickled and titillated the sensitive skin in an intimate, merciless manner…
As soon as the plumes reached the undersides of her breasts, her giggles got really intense and high pitched: “Nooeeheeheeheehee! Nattherehaahaaheeheeheehee! Staahaahaahaap!”

“Oh,” Laura giggled, “seems like we have a real tickle spot here.” She stroked the feathers continuously across the smooth undersides of the girl’s breasts, bathing the whole area in whispery feather tickling.

This continued for another minute. Natalie’s laughter got more and more intense and she tried to plead the young physician to stop, but Laura just smiled widely in her face and went on with her examination.

Lisa had observed the scenario very concentrated. “Please, Laura, try her tips now, but be careful. They look pretty sensitive to me.” She said while she typed something into the computer.

“I’m sure they are… They’re big and hard like cherries. I’m doing the right one first, ’k?”

“Fine.” Nodded Lisa.

“Nooooeeheehee! Not that! Please… please… Not the nipples!” screeched Natalie, who had hardly heard the conversation. Her pretty dark nipples were even in a normal state remarkably sensitive… and now, swollen and hardened… they would for sure explode if anything touched them now.

“Relax, honey. I’ll be gentle.” Cooed a grinning Laura, “Oh, very gentle indeed.”
She giggled as she took the feathers. She rested Natalie’s right nipple directly between the two soft lines of tendrils. The girl gasped when she felt the fluffy touch. She stayed totally motionless and held her breath to not make the feathers tickle her nipple. Laura smiled her directly in the eyes: “Heeeerrrre we goooooo…” she teased with unhidden pleasure and started to move her tickling tools ALL the length up and down along the poor, captured nubbin.

Natalie’s reaction was unmistakeable! A high-pitched scream followed by cascades of sweet, uncontrolled laughter. She pulled against the bonds like mad, her head flipping from side to side, but she couldn’t escape the precise touch of the feathers. They just followed her little movements and continued to tickle every millimetre of the ever so sensitive skin of her big nipple, uuup and dooown, with slow, accurate patience.

“And here’s another tickle spot. You better take a note of this one, Lisa.”

“Oh, I HAVE.” Giggled Lisa. “I’m really curious if the left one is just as… sensitive.”

“Let’s see… Is there someone waiting for me over there?” Laura teased as she switched her gentle treatment to the other nipple. Natalie welcomed her with renewed gales of girlish laughter. “Oh yes, there IS… someone VERY hard and tickly.”

“Nnnnaaaahaahaahaaheeheeheeheeheehahaha! Oh shsheeheeheeheehee! I’m going craahaahaahaaheeheehee!” The tickling now shot from her breasts straight down to her tummy and Natalie felt her exposed crotch getting warm and tingly. ‘Oh no… not that… not like… in public’ She thought desperately.

All the while Laura continued her examination: “I wonder which one’s more, umm, sensitive.” she teased over to Lisa.

“Oh, we surely have to try that out, don’t we?” Lisa smiled back. If Natalie wouldn’t have been lost in ticklish laughter, she might have noticed the lascivious look in both women’s eyes.

Laura started switching the tickling back and forth between the nipples, now and then caressing the smooth undersides of the breasts, until Lisa finally motioned her to stop. “Thanks for now, Laura.”

Laura seemed quite disappointed as she took the feathers off Natalie’s sensitive skin. The girl panted in her bounds.

“So,” Lisa asked, her voice sounded calm and professional again, “How do you feel?”

“Oh f… hmmm stop… please. It really tickles.” Answered a breathless Natalie.

“I know it does, darling, but you’re doing really fine. Just tell us: does it arouse you?”

Natalie hesitated for a moment. Her aching nipples stood up like pencils and her sex was tingling like mad. But still, this was a medical exam… a rather weird one, of course, but it would be really humiliating if she got turned on by a scientific study.
“Umm, well, no… I mean a bit… I guess…” she stammered.

“She’s lying!” giggled out a grinning Laura and nearly started bouncing up and down with joy, “She’s really horny.” She softly touch Natalie’s abdomen and grinned: “Don’t forget the position you’re in… I can see EVERY bit of moisture on your sweet, soft… sensitive…”

“Thank you, Laura. “ Lisa interrupted her assistant. Then turned to Natalie: “Please, Natalie, you really need to be honest with us. If you don’t, things get really complicated.” She turned back to the screen, “We’ll now examine your genitals, Ok? That might feel a bit unusual… so just relax.”

Natalie panicked. “Oh my god no. Please don’t tickle my puss… umm genitals. I’m really sensitive there.”

“I know.” Grinned Laura, “We’re all sensitive there.” She pressed a button under the chair. The backrest started to lower down until Natalie’s upper body was in a nearly horizontal position.

“Oh god… no…” Natalie complained with obvious fear in her eyes, “you don’t… understand… with me it’s different… I’m really… ummm…”

“Is that comfortable?” asked Laura, ignoring her patient’s protest.

“Oh, oh please…” whimpered the girl and tried to look at Lisa to beg her for some help, “Please, Lisa… I’ll go mad…”

“No, darling, you won’t.” said Lisa, trying to calm her down.

“Yeah, you will.” grinned Laura and pulled up a chair to sit down between Natalie’s spread legs. She teasingly flexed her fingers just above the girl’s inner thighs and giggled evilly…

“No. Laura quit it. You’re doing an examination. Right now, Natalie, we’ll first try the effects of stimulating you’re upper thighs. Laura, please.”

“Oh god, no.” Natalie moaned in desperation and tensed up.

“Oh yeeesss.” Replied Laura. She lowered her fingers onto the skin about half way up the bare inner thighs and started to wiggle them in a feather-light way.

Natalie shivered and stifled a giggle. Her whole body was covered in Goosebumps as the soft, expert fingertips caressed her so closely to her most private of places.

“What do you feel, Natalie?” asked Lisa.

“I’m… I’m… Eeeheeheemmpf… It… tick… tickles slightly.” Answered Natalie, trying to keep in the giggles.

“It tickles.” stated Lisa and hit a few keys on the computer, “But not as much as on your breasts, does it?”

“N… n… eehee… no. Not that bad.”

“Oh, I could help that.” Laura grinned down teasingly into the girl’s tensed up face.

“No, Laura. Please. Is there any visible reaction to her sex yet?”

“Not really, but it’s still pretty ju… umm, I mean moist.” Laura giggled.

“Good. So please move up a bit.”

Laura nodded. Her tickling fingers wandered up Natalie’s silky skin until they rested just about 5 centimetres below her crotch. She let them stroke up and down a bit, covering also the back and front of the smooth, sensitive thighs.

A gasp erupted from the bound girl, followed by a few shrill, half suppressed giggles.

“That seems to tickle a bit more now, does it?” asked Lisa with a grin on her face.

“Eeheeheeyyess… Please stop it!” Natalie tried to answer. Her thighs flexed desperately to shut out the maddening fingers. ‘She really enjoys tickling me’ she thought, ‘And she observes my pussy like it’s a creature from Mars. Oh my god… please don’t let her touch me there’

Laura’s eyes were indeed glued to Natalie’s soft sex while she continued her spider-tickling on her thighs. “It quivers a bit.” She announced to Lisa, “Not that much, but it does occationally.”

“All right.” Lisa typed the information down. “Please try it further up now, but don’t touch the labia yet.”

“Sure thing.” grinned Laura, “She’ll LOVE that spot!” She moved her hands up the soft skin until her fingers rested right in the creases were the thighs meet the crotch. There she started to scribble her fingernails up and down, back and forth, covering the whole region with gentle, merciless tickling.

As soon as the tickly fingers touched the creases, all of Natalie’s remaining self-control was gone. Gales of ticklish laughter erupted from her mouth. Her fists and feet pounded on the padded chair in a desperate attempt to free herself.

“Seems like you found another tickle spot here.” Lisa laughed, “Or what would you say, Natalie?”

“Ahaahaahaahaahahahahahahahaaeeheehee! Oh pleeheeheeheeheehahahahaha! Ohhhhh eeheesheeheehehehehet! “

“And it quivers! It quivers! It tickly tickly quivers!” Laura sang and giggled along with Natalie’s mad squeals of laughter.

“So she’s getting aroused?” asked Lisa and hit her keys.

“That’s what it looks like. Are you getting aroused, honey?” She said and let her fingers dance even faster…

“Oh noohooheeheeheehahahahahehehehahahahah! I’m nahahahahahat!”

“Yes, you are. Stop lying… stop lying…” Sang Laura again and wiggled her fingers right next to the clearly moist crotch.

“Ok then, stop for a second.” Lisa said.

Laura took her tickle hands off Natalie’s body and let her catch some breath.

“Oh! Oh!” she panted, “Oh f… umm, that tickled! I didn’t know… Please! No more!”

“Calm down, darling. We’re nearly done. Just one more spot.”

“A VERY tender one.” Grinned Laura.

“Oh no! Not that! Not there! Please!” begged Natalie.

Lisa and Laura just smiled: “Oh,” teased Lisa, “you might even like it. And, Natalie, no more lying, Ok?” she nodded to Laura.

With teasing slowness, Laura brushed a single fingertip down Natalie’s downy mound of Venus, from the lower belly to the top of the sex. Natalie gasped and then held her breath. ‘Don’t tickle there! Please! Pretty pretty please’

“Oh!” Laura purred, “How soft your pubic hair is… it feels like silk.” She repeated the movement of her hand, but added another finger and softly wiggled them through the smooth hair.

“Oh, come on, Laura.” said Lisa, trying to sound stern, “Stop teasing her. Now give me some details, Ok?”

“Positive.” Laura said in a monotone, robotic voice, “Details. Beep! Giving details. Beep.”. She brought her left hand down to Natalie’s pubic mound, hardly touching the soft curls, and started to wiggle her fingers in a quick, gentle manner. She moved her hand slowly from left to right and up and down. From hipbone to hipbone and from the lower tummy to just above the crotch, everything was explored with soft, spidery tickling.

There was absolutely no use in trying to hold back her reaction now! Natalie had known that her whole sex region was extraordinarily sensitive and after a moment of desperate fighting, she gave up. Her head flew back and she exploded in gales of giggles, getting higher in pitch every time Laura tickled near her crotch.

“Giving details. Beep. Giving details.” Laura repeated like a robot, but she hardly could suppress the urge to giggle along with her sweet patient.

“So she seems quite sensitive on her mound of Venus, doesn’t she?” Lisa said while typing.

“Positive! And she especially loves it… HERE! Ummm… I mean… Beep!” Laura put a hand on either side of the pubic mound and started scribbling. Her thumbs caressed the upper region of the “creases”, while the other fingers tickled the bare, sensitive skin between the downy hair and the hipbones.

Natalie’s laughter shot up in intensity and pitch: “Eeheeheeheheheheheheheheeheehee! Oh gahahahahahahaha! You’re driivieeheeheeheeheeng me mad!” How on earth this girl could possibly know all her secret spots, she thought.

“What about the state of arousal?” asked Lisa.

“Well…” Laura giggled and forgot to play “robot”, “She’s like dripping wet… Shell I?”

“Yes please, Laura. But very gently… And NOT the clit.”

“I’ll do my very best.” she giggled back and gave Lisa a knowing smile.

Laura put her left hand flat on Natalie’s lower tummy. Then the fingers of her right hand softly played down the helpless girl’s most private of places. She started just below the pubic mound and moved down all the way to the firm cheeks, caressing every millimetre in between with quick, scribbly fingertips. The shapely outer lips were partially covered in tender, little hair and felt warm, moist and slippery under her expert touch.

Natalie’s breath stuck for a second. That felt sooo good! But… shit… it also tickled! Somehow everything this crazy, sadistic girl did tickled like hell! After a second of shock, she burst out laughing again, but it was shrill and bubbly this time and sounded like a little girl’s giggle, mixed with high, short squeals.

Laura’s hand was moving up and down Natalie’s vagina in a slow, steady rhythm. She immensely enjoyed the intimate feeling of the other girl’s excited sex. Her playful fingers softly probed around the inner and outer labia, stroked across the perineum and inserted themselves for one or two centimetres in the hot, slippery entrance. But they never stopped tickling and scribbling playfully like a thousand feathery butterflies. She felt the soft lips becoming very moist and twitch and quiver, especially when she focused her attention right on the rim of the silky slit.

“Eeeeeek! Hehehehehehehe! Pleheahaseheheahahe! EEEEhhh! Nahahehehehe!” giggled Natalie. Her hips were rocking back and forth and her tummy threatened to explode every second.

“Yehehes!” Giggled Laura, “That’s it, baby! Just wait until Ilene shaves you.”

“Stop here, Laura. We don’t want an accident to happen.” Lisa couldn’t quite hide her arousal this time as her voice had become slightly throaty.

“But I haven’t even touched her clitty… umm I mean clitoris… There’s sooo much more fun…” whaled Laura, not wanting to stop her favourite way of tickling. Those tender lips with there soft pubic hair just felt too good! And… they still seemed to swell, just like they were enjoying her treatment… and wanted to offer more sensitive skin for her to pamper.

“But she’ll cum. So quit it.” Lisa said seriously.

“All right, Sir… I obey…”

Natalie was quite exhausted when Laura finally took her hand from her sex.
“Oh god!” she panted when her giggles had died down a bit, “That was sooo… And it tickled sooo badly!”

“Thanks!” grinned Laura.

“Thank you, Natalie.” Lisa said in her professional voice, “You did really well. The next exam will surely be easier for you. “

“Can… can I just… rest in my room for a few minutes?” Natalie asked. Despite the horrible tickling, she had been very close to climaxing and just NEEDED some private place to finish herself off.

“Not quite yet, I’m afraid.” Said Lisa. “But you’ll enjoy the next bit, I promise. I’ll just call Ilene to pick you up.” She pressed a button next to her computer.

“Will you… umm… untie me?” asked Natalie shyly, still quite out off breath. She felt very vulnerable with her legs spread apart and her sex glistening with moisture, free to see for everyone who entered the room.

“Oh, sure. Laura?” Lisa nodded to Laura who started to untie the ropes. “Oh, by the way, Natalie, I’m sure I don’t need to say, that any form of masturbation is STRICTLY forbidden while you’re a participant of this study.” She looked her straight in the eye, “You understand?”

“Umm… yes, of course… I didn’t want to…” stammered Natalie and raised off the chair, her face blushing slightly.

“Good.” Said Lisa sternly, “Otherwise we might have to start everything all over again. And you wouldn’t want that, would you?”

“No. Of course not…” Natalie quickly said. She headed for her clothes which she had left on a chair near the door.

“Oh,” Lisa smiled and stepped in her way, “you won’t need those while you’re here. Ilene will bring down a special robe for you to put on. It’s very comfortable and easier to handle with the exams. Would that be Ok?”

“… Sure Ok… Thanks.”

The door opened and a petite young woman walked in. She was in her mid-twenties, with long dark hair and lively brown eyes in a friendly face. Over her arm, she carried a long, silk robe. She greeted Lisa and Laura with a wink of her eyes and then smiled at the naked girl.

“Hi. You must be Natalie.”

“Umm, yes.” A blushed Natalie said and tried to hide her breasts and mound with her arms.

The woman laughed affectionately: “Oh, don’t be shy. You’re definitely not the first nude girl I see. And by the way, I brought you some clothes.” She took the robe from her arm and handed it to Natalie. “My name is Ilene. I’m going to do the next exam with you. I’m sure we’ll get along very well.”

“Oh, we surely will. Hi Ilene. Thanks.” Natalie thankfully slipped on the wide robe. The soft material felt cool and refreshing on her sensitised skin. It fell loosely around her body, from the shoulders down to her calves and made her feel safe and comfortable.

“Beautiful.” Smiled Ilene. Then she looked at Lisa: ”So, is there anything I need to know before I… get her?” she giggled.

“Well, not really. But she’s quite sensitive, so you might have to take care of this.” Lisa said and looked over to Laura.

“Yes.” Laura added with a grin, “You should prepare her well before you start.”

“Oh,” said Ilene with a very wide smile, “we’ll manage that. Won’t we?” she turned back to Natalie.

“Yes… I’ll try.” As soon as her arousal had ebbed off and especially after she had put on that soft robe, she started to get a bit ashamed of herself

“I’ll see you after your exam. Don’t worry, Ilene is really sweet.” Lisa said and smiled at Natalie.

“Thanks.” Ilene replied with a twinkle.

“OK, Lisa.” Natalie said and shyly smiled back at Lisa and Laura.

“Come on then,” Ilene said, “it’s right down the corridor.” She went out of the room, followed by Natalie, and closed the door behind them.

As soon as the door was shut, Lisa and Laura fell into each others arms and started kissing passionately.
“Ooooh,” Lisa moaned between two long, deep kisses, “just about one more minute and I would have started rubbing myself, no matter what!”

“Yeah!” Laura returned, her eyes filled with lust, ”I’m just dripping!”

“Oh, are you? Show me.” Lisa’s hand easily found the well known path into the warm, wet privacy of Laura’s satin panties. A short, shrill squeal escaped Laura’s mouth, muffled through Lisa’s hot kissing, as she suddenly felt the other girl’s fingers touch her bare, more than ready sex. She spread her legs to offer Lisa’s gentle fingers all freedom to explore her.

“Hmmmm!” Lisa cooed seductively in her ear and softly stroked back and forth across Laura’s puffy pussy, “Someone’s REALLY ready. Getting a bit horny tickling little helpless girls, are we? Beeeeeep?”

“Ohhh! Fffuuuck! Lisa!” Laura moaned and dragged her back until they both came to rest on the padded examination chair, “Ohhh! Do me! Please! Do me good!”

(Thanks to FeatherDaemon from for marking out some mistakes…)


2 Responses to “The study – pt. 1”

  1. Crys Says:

    Wheres part 3?

  2. Stephen Says:

    Absolutely wonderful work! I enjoyed it immensely!

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