The study – pt. 2

The study

Chapter two

Natalie and Ilene walked down the corridor of the hospital.

“What is this next exam about?” asked Natalie and tried to sound absolutely calm. Her arousal and shame was nearly gone and she started to feel rather confident again.

“Oh, it’s not exactly an exam, but just a bit of preparation like getting your skin sterile for the tests… nothing complicated. There we are.” The young woman said with a friendly smile and opened a door.

Inside was a comfortable room with a thick carpet on the floor. In the middle stood a large, padded table that looked a bit like a massage bench. It was about one meter high and covered with a big, fluffy towel.

They walked inside and Ilene closed the door behind them. “Great. If you would just lie
Down on the bench we can start. Let me help you with the robe.” Before Natalie knew what happened, Ilene had opened the robe and slid it off of her nude body. She thought a second about trying to hide her privates, but then remembered that Ilene had seen her nude anyway.

“Start?” She asked uncertainly and approached the padded table.

“Well,” Ilene said calmly and put Natalie’s robe over a chair, “the first thing we’ll have to do is to remove all your body hair. As you might know, Natalie, the research program is about sensitivity and, umm, things like that. Don’t worry.” She added when she saw her face getting a bit nervous, “It’s very simple. We’ve developed a special spray that takes off all the hair in a few minutes… So, don’t be afraid of razors… Just lie down on your back, please.”

Natalie hesitated for another second, but then did as she was told. The towel felt nice and fluffy as she stretched out on her back.

“Great!” Commended Ilene. She got a small can out of a closet near the door and stepped up to Natalie. “Please spread your legs as wide as you can.”

Natalie blushed. After all, she had been quite aroused and her wetness didn’t get much time to dry off… Ilene would surely notice…

“Come on.” Ilene said softly and gently started to part the girl’s legs, “It’s really nothing to worry about. And if you ask me personally, it feels better bare anyway.” She giggled in a friendly way.

Natalie didn’t put up any resistance when her legs were spread until her feet hung over the sides of the bench.

“Fine.” Said Ilene. Her eyes wandered across the spread sex in front of her. Some glistening droplets could be seen on the still pretty puffy labia. A naughty grin appeared on Ilene’s lips, but she didn’t say anything. “Fine,” she said again after a short while, “I’ll apply the spray now. It might be a bit cold, just try to relax.” She began spraying all over Natalie’s genitals, starting on the pubic mound and going down over her labia.

The girl gasped as she felt the cold substance on her hot skin and it took all her strength to not close her legs to escape it.
After a few seconds Ilene was done. “So, that wasn’t too bad, was it?” she examined her work.

“N… no. Just a bit cold…” said Natalie, actually more than glad it was over.

“Well,” replied Ilene with a slightly teasing tone in her voice, “it might cool you down a bit.” She grinned and walked up to Natalie’s blushing face. “Your legs look fine to me for now, so I’d like to do your armpits next. Is that ok?”

“But I shave there anyway… there’s no need to…” she really didn’t want the icy spray on her sensitive pits as well.

“Oh, there is. Your skin needs to be absolutely bare and if you shaved this morning, there’s surely something growing back again by now.” She took Natalie’s right wrist and lifted it up above her head. “Just as I said… some little baby stubbles…” She pointed out her index finger and softly stroked along the smooth skin.

“Eeeeeeek!” Natalie squirmed and tried to pull her arm down.

“Oh, what’s that?” Ilene giggled, “You’re quite a bit ticklish, are you?”

“No… yes… no… I mean… sorry. I didn’t mean to…” stammered Natalie. ‘Not again! I really SHOULD control myself!’ she thought.

“Oh, don’t be sorry, darling. There’s nothing wrong about being ticklish… Please lift up your other arm and just relax. It’s all over in a minute.”

Natalie obeyed. Without another word, she stretched out her arms over her head and lay as still as she could while Ilene sprayed her pits. After she was done, she stepped away and looked in her face. “That’s it.” Ilene said, “We’ll have to wait for a minute until we can take it off. Please just stay in this position. I’m just getting things ready for the next bit. I’ll be right back, ok?”

“Yes. Sure.” She felt much released that the spraying was over.

Ilene put the spray back in the closet and disappeared next door

Natalie lay absolutely still and was quite glad to have a few minutes on her own. In her head the thoughts were chasing each other… a single hour ago, she had thought she would spend the next few days in bed with a few rather boring medical tests, and now she lay nude on this massage bench and was getting her pubic hairs removed! An all that after she had been tickled like never before in her life! She was unable to make head or tail about all this… did they really mean to tickle her? No, that just couldn’t be. This was a hospital. But the feathers? And the bonds? … Rather weird tests indeed… But what if they didn’t plan to tie her down… what if they just did it, because she had flounced and giggled like a child, just because the nurse had touched her sides. And then… may be they thought it was funny and continued to treat her like a child… Yes, she probably had provoked all of this herself. Sure, it had tickled, but a grown up should be able to handle a few touches on the body.
And the arousal? This couldn’t have been accidentally… but Lisa had told her, that the study was about sexual arousal… and may be they had started teasing her, because she acted so stupidly to all this… Well, she couldn’t denial that she found it really hard to have someone touch her on the breasts or between the legs, but she would simply tell Lisa later and ask her to be careful. Lisa would surely understand. After all she was a physician… and besides that she seemed really trustable.
Never mind, as of now she would try her best to cooperate and stop being that childish… after all, this was a scientific research program! And she got paid!

The spray didn’t feel cold any more. In fact, the sprayed regions began to get slightly warm and tingly. ‘Actually quite nice…’ She shut her eyes and tried to stop thinking and just breathed in and out deeply…

Ilene walked back in the room. She was now wearing a robe similar to Natalie’s and was also barefoot. She smiled: “I think that was about enough time for the spray to do the job. Please follow me over in the shower room.” She gently helped her up and walked her over to the room she had earlier disappeared to.

It was a nice, comfortably warm bath room with warm blue tiles and a very large shower tub. A feminine aroma of shower oil filled the air and made Natalie unconsciously relax her body.

Ilene shut the door. “Right. What I’m going to do is take the loosened hairs off your body and put some lotion on to soften the skin. Would that be ok?”

“That… sure… But couldn’t I do that myself? I mean it’s…”

“It can get a bit difficult sometimes, because you need to be very precise. And we’re doing a scientific examination so it’s important that everything’s done absolutely right. Don’t worry, it’s a nice lotion. You’ll like it. Umm, and one more thing, Natalie. Lisa said that you’re quite sensitive… please don’t get me wrong, but I would prefer to secure your body. Would that be ok for you?”

Natalie couldn’t stop her eyes from getting wide in fear “Secure me? Oh… but why?”

“Calm down.” Ilene said softly and touched the petite girl’s bare shoulder “It’s a regular thing. Really nothing to get worried about. Come on over here.”

She gently pushed her towards the big shower tub. Just then Natalie noticed two rubber foot cuffs, one on each side in the tub, about one meter apart. Above them dangled a rope from the ceiling with a pair of soft silicon hand cuffs a touched to it.

“Emmm… I don’t know…” Natalie stammered, her voice trembling as she felt her heart pounding again, “Couldn’t we just try it without… those?”

Ilene smiled as confidently as she could. “Sorry dear, but we have to. Come on… please. Do it for me.” She took her hand and helped her into the shower tub. Then she lifted her arms up and quickly secured the wrists in the soft handcuffs. “Please part your legs now.” Ilene said and bent down. Natalie didn’t say anything and just did how she was told. It took just a few well known moves to tie the girl’s ankles to the rubber bounds in the tub. “Excellent.” Ilene said when she rose again. “Does it feel alright?”

Natalie slightly pulled on her bounds. They were tight but also soft and comfortable. “I’m ok.”

“I told you.” Ilene smiled at her “it’s nothing to get mad about.” Her eyes wandered up and down the naked body, from the bound feet to the wide spread thighs and up over the soft tummy to the round breasts with their prominent tips. “You’re beautiful, Natalie.” Ilene suddenly said, softly, nearly lovingly.

Natalie blushed “Umm… thank you.” She had to concentrate quite hard to not start to panic again… her legs were spread nearly as wide as they could and her arms tied above her head without any chance of protecting her body. ‘I’ll stay calm… I’ll simply stay calm…’ she repeated to herself.

“Ok.” Said Ilene in her old professional voice “Let’s start. You can lean back against the wall, if you like. It’s padded and might be more comfortable than standing.” While she spoke, she opened a drawer under the sink and got out a wide brush with long, stiff but still soft bristles.

Then she stepped up in the tub.
“I do your armpits first.” She said with a strange look on her face.

When Natalie realized what was coming she felt her braveness vanish with the speed of lightning. “With the brush? Oh god no! Please, Ilene, listen, I need to tell you something… I… I’m very tick… ticklish… I’ll go crazy…”

Ilene grinned “Oh, it can’t be that bad.” She ran the tips of the bristles along Natalie’s upper ribcage right under her inviting left pit.

Natalie held her breath and shut her lips tightly. Ilene kept grinning and moved the brush upwards into the pit. The girl’s resistance was gone in about two seconds, and then a high pitched squeal came from her mouth followed by a long stream of giggles and pleads.

“Oheeheeheeheehee! Ileeheeheene! Loohohohok… Please!”

“Oh dear!” Ilene half said half giggled in played disbelieve, “Seems like you’re really quite sensitive… well, sorry. I have to get the loosened hair off.” She moved the brush constantly from the top to the bottom across the pit while she held the arm with her other hand to stop Natalie from squirming too much.

After about a minute she stopped. “That was it. You did a good job this morning; there weren’t many stubbles to go. Let’s do the other one now.”

Natalie slowly caught her breath. “Oh, oh… pleas be careful… I’meeeheeheehee!” Before she could finish her sentence, Ilene had started to brush along the other sensitive arm pit and sent Natalie into giggles again.

“Oh my” she giggled herself, “what a terribly ticklish girl you are.”

Ilene took her time with the second pit, brushing along the sensitive surface and constantly giggling and teasing. When she noticed a particular ticklish region near the upper rim of the pit, she focused her brush their, running it up and down, back and forth, driving Natalie’s giggling to another level. “I’m sorry,” she taunted, “but there’s a few little hairs that just don’t wanna come off.”

After five minutes Ilene was finally done. “Ready.” She exclaimed with a wide smile on her face. “Good thing I didn’t listen to you and did tie you up. We would need days to finish this.” She laughed.

Natalie was exhausted and rested against the wall. “Oh god… that tickled… listen, Ilene, please… you don’t understand… I’m so sorry, but I really can’t stand this…”

“It’s over.” Said Ilene and softly stroked the girl’s cheek. “I’ll do your genitals now. I hope you aren’t ticklish their.” She couldn’t hide a naughty smile. “I just get the tools.”

She dropped the used brush in the sink and got new ones out of the drawer. One was short and wide, with rather stiff bristles and looked a bit like a make-up brush. The other one was made of two about 10 cm long round brushes, like bottle cleaners, but with very soft, silky tendrils. They were attached together at their handles with a short plastic bar and were about 5 cm apart. The third brush she got out was a tiny paint brush with long, pointy bristles.

When Natalie fully realised Ilene’s words and saw the tools, she gasped in shock and immediately started pulling at her bonds. “Oh, please, Ilene.” She begged desperately, “Couldn’t I do that myself? You could watch me while I’m doing it. It’s just, that my gen… genitals are quite sensitive and… I wanted to tell Lisa that I’m…”

“Shshsh. Relax.” Ilene just said and sat down on the rim of the tub, “I’ll be very gentle. I promise.”

She took the first brush and softly touched the upper region of Natalie’s pubic mound. “Let’s do your pretty mound of Venus first.” She flicked it from right to left and the girl’s pubic hair began to fall down into the tub.

Natalie held her breath and pressed her lips together. ‘I’m NOT laughing now! I’m NOT ticklish! I’m… I’m…’

Her thoughts were interrupted by Ilene’s soft treatment. The brush now stroked right on top of the tender concavity of her mound and Natalie couldn’t control herself: “Mmmmmmppffffffheeheeheeheehee! MmmmnnneeeahahadDon’teeheehee!”

“Oh no,” Ilene giggled and tried to sound upset,”you’re not ticklish down here as well, are you? Poor you.” She continued to brush across the girl’s mound and more of the silky hair fell down.

Natalie’s hips wailed back and forth reflexively, trying to somehow avoid the maddening tickles.

“Keep still.” Ilene said, “Be a good girl.”

“I eeheeheeheehee can’t eeheeheeheeheehee! It’s too ticklyeeheeheeheehee!” Natalie laughed.

“Ok. Wait a second.” Ilene stood up and got a wide silicon rope out of the drawer. “Let me help you.” She locked one end of the rope to an iron ring on Natalie’s right side, then placed it over her tummy and fastened the other end to another hook on her left, strapping her waist tightly to the padded wall.

“Oh no.” Natalie complained.

“Oh yes.” Ilene returned with a playful smile, “Now,” Ilene said and sat down on the tub again, “where did I stop?” She began her brushing again, but now their was absolutely no chance for Natalie to escape the treatment. The soft bristles glided freely across her sensitive pubic mound, removing more and more of the protecting hairs from the tender, virginal skin.
Natalie’s upper body squirmed back and forth while she gasped and giggled again, but her pelvis rested invitingly still in front of Ilene’s experienced eyes.

“That’s much better. Don’t you think?” she said with a smile.

“Nohohoheeheehee! I can’t moveeheeheehee!”

“Oh, but that’s the point dear.” Ilene giggled. “Now I can take care of every little hair down here without you squirming about. Oh my, but you really are ticklish!”

The upper half of the pubic mound was now completely bare, but Ilene kept gliding the brush across the silky skin repeatedly, from right to left and up and down, enjoying the girl’s ticklish reaction. The closer she got to the beginning of the crotch region, the more giggling and squirming she got out of Natalie.

“Oh, seems like we’re getting even more tickly further down here.” She teased, “Lisa was right. You really need to be tied up.”

She had reached the lower rim of the pubic mound and gently glided her brush from side to side, right along the edge, forcing cascades of desperate laughter from the bound girl.

When all the hair was brushed off Natalie’s mound, Ilene continued for another minute to playfully tickle the bare skin with her brush, drawing little circles and figure eights.
“Hmmm! So soft and bare… feels good, doesn’t it?”

“Ahahahaheeheeheehee! Fueeheehahaha” Ilene pleaseeeheeheehee!”

Then she stopped and put the brush down in the sink.

“Oh… Oh… Oh my god…” Natalie tried to catch her breath. “That was… Are we… Are we done?”

“Well,” Ilene grinned up in the girls face, “not quite. But you’re doing really great.” She picked up the two parallel brushes and carefully varied the distance between them.

“Wh… What is this for?” Natalie stared at the new tool with wide eyes.

“Oh,” Ilene said, switching back to her professional voice, “this is for getting the hairs off the labia. I will reduce the space between the brushes while I’m moving them back and forth… slowly.” She couldn’t suppress a smile when she said the last words.

“I’m… I’m dying!” Natalie moaned.

„Oh, actually… you’re looking pretty alive to me.” Ilene grinned up at the girls breasts. Both big nipples stood hard and erect, surrounded by dark, puffy areolas.

Natalie looked at her breasts and blushed. “Ummm… I’M… I’m not…”

“Of course you’re not.” Giggled Ilene. “So let’s start.”

She had widened the distance between the brushes so that they would stroke the lines between the thighs and outer vaginal lips. When the soft bristles touched Natalie’s tender skin she gasped, followed by a shocked moment of silence and then a flood of shrill laughter. Thousands of silky filaments tickled along the sensitive creases, back and forth, slowly. Teasingly.

Ilene moved the tool very carefully and tried to find the right pressure to get the best reactions from the girl. A huge smile was on her face and she just couldn’t stop teasing her victim again: “Oh! Does that tickle you? I’m sorry, but it has to be done. Here… is this better?”

Natalie was laughing uncontrollably now. Her head flew from side to side and she desperately pulled at her bonds. ‘If this goes on for long, I’m going insane.’ All her brave intentions were gone by now. She writhed in ticklishness, her nipples pulsated and she could feel her sex getting warm and tingly again. ‘She’ll notice. Surely she will.’

Ilene reduced the distance between the brushes. They now caressed the outer line of the labia and soft, downy hair began to ripple into the tub. With every stroke the tickling got worse, because more of the hair were gone. Ilene, of course, new that and kept brushing the bare region over and over again: “We need to be absolutely sure. Every single little hair has to go off.” She grinned.

Again she narrowed the brushes and started gliding across the outer labia. The closer she got to the sensuous opening, the more desperate got Natalie’s laughter and pleads: “Oh naahaheeheeheeheehee! Ileneeheeheehee! I’m going ahahaheeheehee insane! Oh not htahaahaaheeheeheehee!”

“Oh, that tickles? Does it? You would love to close your legs, wouldn’t you? Just good you can’t! Be my brave little girl. Just one more step.” Ilene teased, giggling herself.

Then she narrowed the brushes again and touched the region right outside the inner labia. Natalie’s vagina was now puckering and quivering, her shapely clit peeped out between the swollen lips and unmistakable moisture gathered around the entrance. Her laughter started to get hysterical as the cruel bristles tickled the slippery skin right between the inner and outer lips.

“Oh yes.” Giggled Ilene, “I thought you would love this. Hmmm. Is someone getting a bit turned on?” She couldn’t resist and started tickling Natalie’s bare pubic mound with her free hand while teasingly working the brushes along the sensitive rims of the outer lips.

Then it was over.

Natalie hung gasping in her bonds: “Oh sh… Oh… That was… so… intense…”

Ilene smiled: “I’m sorry. You’re really a ticklish one.”

“I couldn’t… stand another second…” She gasped for air.

“You’re doing very well. We are nearly done.”

Natalie moaned: “What… What are you doing?”

Ilene turned around and lay down on her back in the tub, right under Natalie’s spread thighs. “I’m just doing a quick final check, just to make sure that everything’s nice and bare.”

Natalie shivered as Ilene’s face was so close to her pussy that her breath was clearly noticeable on her now bare skin.

“Hmmm!” Ilene said softly, making sure her mouth was just inches away from the girl’s sex, “How interesting…”

“Wh… what?” Asked Natalie with a mixture of embarrassment and fear.

“Well, compared to earlier, it’s quite impressing how big and full your labia have become. Really beautiful. And… absolutely bare.” She took the thin paintbrush and stroked it very slowly right through the slippery slit, from the bottom all the way up to the twitching clit, but without touching the little nubbin directly.

Natalie immediately stiffened again and let out a squeal. “We did a good job… Not a single hair… Oh, what’s that?” A few quick flicks of the brush followed on the upper part of one outer lip and a cascade of giggles was the answer of Natalie. “A littly baby hair. It’s gone. Now we’re done… Oh, nearly…” Another quick stroke and more giggles from the helpless girl.

Ilene kept on this game, closely inspecting Natalie’s sex and then quickly flicking the pointy tendrils on a specific part.

“Oh Ilene.” Begged Natalie between two flicks of the brush, „please! Their can’t be anymoreeeeek! Eeheehee!”

“Their can.” Ilene giggled, “Unfortunately you squirmed too much… What’s that…?” Another feather-light flick, this time right above the clit. “And that…” A whisky stroke at the very bottom of the moist entrance.

The periods of inspection got shorter and shorter, until she just kept moving the paintbrush gently around on the tender lips. “Ooooooh, tickle tickle…” She sang and drew big circles all over the quivering sex.

Natalie had reached her state on uncontrollable laughter again: “Ileeheeheeheene! What ahaahahare you doing! Iiiiieeeheeheehee!”

Ilene needed all her willpower to stop the little tickle game. “Ok, we’re done.” She said and stood up. “You’re looking great.”

“Oh… Oh… Thank god…” Natalie gasped. “Could you… Could you untie me? I need to… go…“

“Very soon, honey. I’ll just put on the shower-lotion. You will like that. It’s quite relaxing.”

Ilene dropped the tools in the sink. Then she slipped off her silk robe and put it aside. She was now wearing a pink, very skimpy and almost see-through swimsuit. Natalie stared at her. She had a slender, very well shaped body and was obviously quite as aroused as the girl herself. The thin fabric didn’t hide a single feature and Natalie could clearly see her firm, full breasts, with nipples on top that seemed to Pearce through the material.

Ilene didn’t seem to bother about Natalie seeing her arousal. She calmly took a bottle of shower lotion from the sink and climbed in the shower tub.

“Are you ok, Natalie?” She asked softly and put the bottle on a sideboard in the shower.

“Yes, I’m… I’m fine… Nice swimsuit.” She answered and blushed.

“Oh, thanks.” Ilene giggled. She turned the faucet on one side of the shower and a whisky haze of warm water started spraying from the ceiling. Then she bent down and unfastened the rope that held Natalie’s waist in place. “No need for that now.” She said with a grin.

“Couldn’t you just untie me? It feels a bit weird…”

“Absolutely no need to feel weird, dear.” She opened the bottle of lotion and pored some of the creamy substance into her hand. “I give you a little relaxing massage. Nothing to worry about. Hmmm! It’s such a great lotion. Feel it yourself.” She reached up and started to apply the lotion onto Natalie’s forearms. Both girls were by now covered all over in small droplets of warm water and Ilene’s fingers felt soft and slippery, as she slowly massaged up and down, from the wrists to the elbows. “Doesn’t that feel good?”

“Well… Yes.” Natalie said and relaxed a bit. “I’m just… Will you need to go… down?”

The naughty smile returned to Ilene’s face: “Of course I do. I’m going to do your whole body with this. Hmmm! You have such a silky skin.” Her fingers slowly wandered across the elbows and further down the arms.

‘She’s enjoying this. She loves to tease me. She’s like the other one… That can’t be… my fault?’ Natalie thought. The closer the slippery fingers came to her armpits the more afraid she got.

“Oh, Ilene. Please listen. I’m eeheeh… emm… I mean… Eeek! Please…“

„Whaaaat?“ Ilene asked teasingly, her fingers just a few centimetres away from the sensitive hollows, “What did you say? Oh, by the way, did I tell you that we’ll need to take special care of the newly shaven regions?”

“Oh no! Heehee! Listen Ilene, I really needeeheehee…”

“Oh yes! It’s necessary. Otherwise your skin gets dry and rough. And you don’t want that, do you?” She took some more lotion on her hands and returned to the helpless body. “Look, your underarms are just begging for some moisture. Let’s not keep them waiting, shell we?”

Natalie wanted to protest, but when Ilene’s soapy finger pads started softly caressing the sensitive valleys she could no longer get out a coherent sentence. Her head flew back and she started squirming around in her bonds while new ticklish laughter filled the room.

Ilene walked her fingers like a spider along the rims of the pits, slowly and teasingly, up and down, constantly moving inwards across the smooth skin. When she reached the delicate centres, she changed the soft stroking of her fingers to a skilful, quick dance right in the ticklish hollows.

Natalie went wild with laughter: “Oh gaahahahahaheeheeheehee! Ileeheeheeheene! You’re hahahahadriving me insane! Aahehehehehe nooo!”

“Oh, what tickly little pittys you have. Would you like me to tickle them a bit? Yes? Would you? Here we go…” A huge smile had spread all over Ilene’s face. Her slippery fingers glided all across the helpless underarms, finding more and more of particular ticklish spots and explored them mercilessly. Now and then she stopped to put some new lotion on her hands, but quickly returned to her helpless victim.

After a while, her fingers began to go further down the body and softly caressed the upper ribcage. Natalie’s laughter got a bit less intense, but she was still giggling constantly: “Oh… Pleeheeheeheese don’t tickle meheehee!”

Ilene didn’t seem to listen. She poured some MOR lotion on her hands: “I wonder if you’re one of those girls that got a special rib waiting for me! Let’s see… May be thiiiis one? … Or thiiiis one? …” She massaged her fingers with long strokes along every single rib from sternum to spine, once again increasing the helpless laughter.

“No! Ilene eeheeheehee! Listen… Ahaha I need to paaaaaaahahahahahahahahaha!”

“Ah! Bingo! It’s THIIIIS ONE!” Ilene cheered and wriggled her fingers back and forth along a specific rib about half way down on both sides of Natalie’s ribcage, “I just new it was there. Tickle tickle tickle ribby…” She concentrated on the new found tickles spot for several minutes, just massaging its whole length again and again driving Natalie into pure hysterics. She stepped up even closer to the girl and pushed her back against the wall to further reduce her movements, making sure to squeeze her full, swimsuit covered chest tightly against the helpless girl’s bare mounds.

When she threatened to slip into silent laughter, Ilene changed the methodical tickling of her fingers to a soft stroking and continued her way downwards. The hysterical laughter ebbed off, but Natalie still couldn’t suppress the giggles while Ilene’s fingers gently massaged more of the lotion on her lower ribcage, sides and tummy.

“Oh! Oh…” She gasped for air, “Eeheehee Ilene! Why are you doing thisehehehe… You’re
Tickling mehehe… Pleeheeheeheese don’t…”

“Sorry, honey, but I have to apply that lotion. I’m just trying to do a good job.” She grinned and let her fingers playfully wander across the girl’s flat tummy.

“Oheeheehee no! You’re enjoying this! You like to teeeeeeeeeek!”

“Oops!” Giggled Ilene, “Ticklish belly button, huh? Let’s have a look…” She started twirling one soapy finger gently in the small hollow. Natalie convulsed violently and squealed in a high-pitched voice.

When Ilene finally gave her a break, she hung quite exhaustedly in her bonds: “Ilene, please…” She panted, “Honestly… I really need to use the bathroom… Please. Let me go…”

“Sure. Pretty soon. I promise. And you’re really doing great. Let me just do one more part, ok?” She touched the girl’s shoulders and gently pushed her forward. Then she stepped in the small space between Natalie’s back and the padded wall. Everything was wet and soapy there and Natalie shivered when she felt the touch of the warm, nearly naked body sliding against her bare back.

“Wh… What are you doing, Ilene?” She asked nervously. Ilene’s abdomen rested right above her behind and her firm breasts with their stiff nipples rubbed against her upper back when she reached out for the bottle of lotion on the sideboard.

“Let me just put some of the lotion on your breasts, ok? “ Ilene said and squeezed some of the substance into her hands.

Natalie instantly panicked: “My breasts? No no no no no! Don’t! Don’t tickle me there now! I’ll pee! Honestly, Ilene! At least let me use the bathroom first, please!”

“Shhh!” Said Ilene softly from behind her, her mouth right next to her ear, “Relax. Be a big girl. Now, here we go…” She reached around Natalie’s raised arms and tenderly massaged her collarbones and then down over the tops of the helplessly sensitive breasts. “Hmmm!” She cooed in her ear and explored the delicate outer curves of the breasts, “You have wonderful breasts, Natalie. So soft. So firm. So… tickly?…” Her massaging got softer and quicker until she ticklishly flicked her fingertips across the sensitive skin.

Natalie could do absolutely nothing to stop the exquisite exploration of the two sensitive mounds. She tried to beg for mercy, but all that came out of her mouth were shrill, girlish giggles.
Ilene took her time caressing the smooth globes, spreading the soapy lotion all over the upper region and outer curves. When her dancing finger pads reached the undersides, Natalie’s laughter got to another level. In seconds she was back to hysterics again. Her body jerked and spasm, further stimulating the hot body behind her

“Oh, yeah!” Ilene whispered. Her voice had become hot and breathy and her nipples were just ready to explode. “You like it here, don’t you? Tickle tickle tickle tickle!” She began to move her hands in circles around the quivering breasts, her fingers scribbling and teasing, always staying for a few seconds on the ticklish undersides and getting closer and closer to Natalie’s throbbing, aching nipples. “Shell we play a bit with your nipples? I wonder if you have tickly nipplys…”

“Eeeheeheeheehaahahahahahaha! Nahahahahahaha! I’ll peeheeheeheeheehee!” Natalie tried to protest, but Ilene’s fingers had already reached the swollen areolas and teased around the puckering buds.
“Hmmm! You seem quite excited, Natalie. I bet you really like what I’m doing. Now, let’s see…” She took each nipple between three soapy fingers and started to tickle them with a feather light touch.

A huge gasp came from the helpless girl and then she fell into silent laughter. Her body dropped limb into Ilene’s arms and just shivered with overwhelming tickling. Every few seconds a gasp, followed by a single jerk was all Natalie could do, while her mind was filled with ticklish agony.

Ilene gently pushed the girl’s chest forward to make the nipples peep out even further and more accessible. “Oh my,” She cooed with teasing calmness, “how big and long your nipples are… and how tight… it’s about time to give them a little massaging… Coochy coochy… And sooo sensitive…” Her professional tickle fingers had immediately found the right way to stimulate the puckering nubbins. She glided two lotion covered fingers along the sides while one was gently caressing the tip of each nipple, back and forth, again and again, tickling mercilessly.

Natalie’s body was quivering with silent laughter. Her head rested weekly against Ileen’s soft shoulder and every few seconds she gasped in some much needed air. Ilene was gently pushing her own breasts and mound against the warm, slippery body in her arms while she continued to tickle the helpless girl.

“Do you like that? Yes?” she teased in a breathy whisper, “I bet you do. Tickle tickle tickle… And don’t you dare peeing in the shower, ‘cause if you do, you’re a very very naughty…”

Just then Natalie lost the last bit of control. A huge shiver ran over her body and then a stream of pee freely sprinkled into the shower tub. At the same time she got her voice back: “Ooooomygahahahahahahaha! Oh nohahahahaheheheeheeheehee!”

“Such a bad girl you are, Natalie.” Ilene giggled and playfully danced her fingers all over Natalie’s breasts again, “I thought you were grown up… but it seems you’re just a ticklish little baby…” She continued to tickle her until the last drops of pee had trickled into the shower tub.

“Oh… Oh shi… Oh my god…” Natalie gasped when Ilene finally stopped. “I’m… I’m sorry… I didn’t mean to… but it tickled so badly… oh why…” She blushed.

“You’ve been bad.” Ilene grinned. Tickling the helpless naked girl had turned her on immensely and she had been just seconds from climaxing with Natalie’s firm butt cheeks pressed against her mound. Her breasts were aching and it took all her will power to not start rubbing herself against the sexy body in front of her. “We’ll have to clean you up. But first…” she got the bottle again and poured some of the lotion into her hands, “let me put some lotion on your back.”

Natalie still fought for breath: “Please… give me a break… please… Aren’t we… aren’t we done yet? Why are you doing all this…?”

“Because I must get you ready for the tests. Please, we’re nearly done… I’ll try not to tickle you, ok?” She said and tried to sound relaxed and professional again.

Natalie tensed up when Ilene’s hands touched her, but she really didn’t tickle her this time. She started to massage around her shoulders and upper back. Natalie slowly began to breathe normally again. That really felt good!

“Oh… That’s… better.” She sighed. The merciless tickling of her breasts and nipples had left her extremely hot and just like Ilene she had been very close to orgasm. ‘If she would just continue like this further down…’ She thought dreamily.

“You ok?” Ilene asked after a while and knelt down in the tub to massage Natalie’s lower back.

“Yes… that feels nice. Listen, Ilene… ummm, I don’t know what this study is about, but… well… I’m sorry that I’m so… inappropriate… but…” She stammered.

Ilene laughed out loudly. “Oh my god, Natalie. You’re sooo sweet. You’re not at all… inappropriate… Believe me. Everything’s all right. REALLY.” She continued to massage down her back. “You’re reeeeally ticklish, that’s all…” She laughed. As soon as she got to her firm butt cheeks her touch got lighter and softer again.

Natalie stifled a giggle. “Noeehee! Please, Ilene, that felt so good. Just go on like that… Please.”

“See? Just what I said… reeeally ticklish…” Ilene just couldn’t resist scribbling her fingers across the soft skin, getting lighter and lighter in touch

“Nooo! Eeheehee! You’re tickling again. Eeheeheehee! Stop!” She started giggling softly.

“I’m not.” Ilene teased, but kept spidering her fingers up and down the soapy cheeks, from the lower back down to the backs of the upper thighs.

Natalie began to squirm around again. “Oh pleeheeheeheese!” she begged, “No more! Heeheeheehee! You said you wouldn’tahaheehee!”

“Oh, sorry.” Ilene had to tare herself away after a few more seconds of fun. “Now, let’s see what you’ve done down here.” She climbed over Natalie’s stretched out leg and knelt down in front of her. She examined her wet vagina very closely and smiled again. Natalie’s arousal was obvious! The clitoris bulged out in attention and the newly shaven lips were puffy and had opened up even further than before, revealing the slippery entrance. Droplets of pee and love honey glistened all over the place.

Natalie blushed with embarrassment. “Oh god… Em… I… I can clean it up…” She stammered.

Ilene didn’t reply. She reached up for the hose that was hanging at the side of the shower. “Bad girl.” She said and turned on the water, “Peeing all over the place. Now, try to be a big girl and keep still while I clean you up.” While she spoke, she checked the temperature of the water. She calibrated the shower head, spraying on her hand, until the warm water came out in a corona of very thin jets.

Natalie tensed up. “Oh please… Ilene… I caaeeeeeek!” her hips shot back when Ilene sprayed some water across her lower tummy. The thin jets on her freshly shaven skin felt like thousands of dancing, tickling insects.

“Natalie!” Ilene said in a played tone of anger. “Stay still! You really make my job hard…” She moved to the side and knelt over Natalie’s right leg, grapping it tightly between her own thighs. With her left arm she reached behind the girl’s waist and put her hand on the opposite hipbone. “To keep you from moving too much…” She grinned up at her and took the hose again.

Natalie could feel the heat of Ilene’s swimsuit covered pussy resting against her outer thigh, but before she could fully realize it the water touched her mound again. “Eeeeheheheheeheeheehee! Noaaahaahaahahaha!” she started giggling immediately, desperately trying to move her hips out of the way.

But Ilene’s hold was tight. She slowly moved the shower head from side to side in front of the ticklish region right above the vagina, looking for the best angle and distance for the jets to tickle the most. After a while she slipped the hose further down and let the water spray right between the helpless girl’s thighs.

Natalie gasped in shock and then exploded in a stream of high-pitched laughter. “Nehehehehehehehahahaha! Oh ooooosshihihihahaheeheeheeheehee! Nottherehehehehehehe”

Ilene moved the shower head back and forth. “What’s wrong, baby?” she started taunting again and giggled herself, “I’m not tickling you. It’s just water. Water doesn’t tickle, does it?” Every squirm made Natalie’s thigh rub directly against her aroused pussy and she knew, that she was quite close to loosing control…

“Itdoessssssehehehe! Yeheeheeheeheeheeheehee! Don’taahahahahaha! Takeitawayyeehehehehe!”

“Suit yourself.” Ilene teased with a rather throaty voice, “Peeing in the shower… naughty naughty… Well, I guess someone HAS to clean you up again, hmmm? Does it tickle you? Does it? Too bad!”

She continued to move the corona of thin jets back and forth. Whenever one of the jets hit Natalie’s swollen clit she let out a loud squeak between her laughter.

Just when the girl threatened to become fully hysterical again Ilene stopped and turned off the shower. For a few seconds she only watched the water trickling down from Natalie’s jerking vagina. Then she got up and reached out on the sink for the final tool.

It was a small, flexible sponge. One side was slightly concave and looked a bit like the inside of a seashell. Its whole surface was covered in short, silky bristles which looked incredibly soft. She poured some lotion on the concave side and repositioned herself back over Natalie’s stretched out leg.

“Here comes the lotion. Here comes the lotion…” Ilene sang and put her left arm tightly around the girls waist to stop her from squirming and slowly moved the sponge towards the widely spread thighs.

When Natalie saw the dangerous looking sponge getting closer to her unprotected sex she screamed. “No no no no! Not this down there! Not now! Please, Ilene, I’ll do anything… not the spaaahahaheeheeheeheeheehee!”

She exploded in shrill laughter again as soon as Ilene started to move the soft material gently across her newly shaven labia. She started cleaning up and down in slow, little circles, giving the silky filaments their time to sneak around every ticklish outline of the helpless lips. The slippery tickle tool explored every where from the upper regions to the beginning of the smooth butt cheeks, applying more and more of the lotion on her pussy, which made it slick and more ticklish with every stroke. The specially designed shape of the sponge allowed caressing and stimulating the surface very precisely and the well practiced, young physician took great advantage of that.

Natalie was in ticklish desperation within seconds. The fiendish tool was used expertly in just the right pressure and speed to tickle like nothing she had ever felt before. Her head flew from side to side and her thighs spasm reflexively to protect her privates. She tried to push her hips away from the insane tickling. That made her leg rub against Ilene’s sex, which only increased the young woman’s lust and desire to tickle her some more.

“Yeah!” Ilene cooed, “I’ll clean you up very neatly. I’m sorry if it tickles you, but it has to be done.” She concentrated the sponge on the region between the slit and the behind which got especially desperate laughter and squeals from the helpless girl. A sadistic smile spread out on Ilene’s face because she was unbearably ticklish their herself. “Yeheeheehees! It’s nice down here, hmmm?” She teased and giggled in sympathy.

“Ohahahahaheeheeheeheeheehee! Gaaawwwdhhhahaheeheeheehee! Ileeheeheeheehee! Pleeheeheehahahahaha!” Natalie was in hysteria again. It felt like all her senses had assembled on that small spot between her thighs. She seemed to get more ticklish every second, but also felt her arousal increase dramatically.

Ilene noticed that she herself wasn’t able to react rationally any longer. The squirming, the laughter and the sexy feeling of the helpless girl’s bare skin was simply too much for her! She squeezed her thighs tightly around Natalie’s squirming leg and pressed her pussy against the soapy skin. She turned the sponge around and brushed it across Natalie’s mound of Venus and started to scribble her fingertips of her left hand furiously up and down the lotion covered slit. “Ohhh! Yeeeees!” She moaned deeply, “Aaahh! What a smooth little pussy you have, Natalie. Smooth and just so terribly terribly tickly, hmmm?” She shamelessly rubbed her bikini covered crotch against Natalie’s leg and pressed her aching breasts against her waist, while she tickled back and forth across her helpless labia, teasingly brushing the sensitive lips with two fingers each while playfully tickling the entrance with her middle finger.

Natalie’s laughter had changed to hysterical, very high-pitched squeaks. She didn’t talk nor plead anymore… she just spasm and jerked in a universe of ever so intimate tickling and arousing sensations.

“Oh yeah!” Ilene moaned breathlessly, “I gonna tickle your little pussy till you go insane… Koochie koochie koo… Oh… ohh… Ohhh fuck! Aaaaahhhhh!”. An intense orgasm shot through her body. She moaned in ecstasy as her tickling movements got uncoordinated. The cloth dropped into the tub and she finally collapsed limply against Natalie’s waist.

Natalie desperately inhaled some much needed air as the tickling stopped. She felt Ilene’s hot moisture all over the upper half of her leg. Even in her half conscious state it was pretty obvious that Ilene just had cum from tickling her. All the expert teasing of her sex had made Natalie extremely turned on, but Ilene had most of the time carefully avoided to touch her throbbing clit.

For a little while, both girl’s just panted and gasped, although because of different reasons…

Ilene recaptured her speech first. “God… That was…” She panted. Then she grinned cheekily up at Natalie: “Well, I think you’re sort of cleaned up now…”

Natalie was still quite out off breath. She was really glad that the extreme tickling had ceased, but still sensed the unbearable arousal… like she had never felt before in her life. “Ilene… please…”, she started begging hoarsely as soon as she got enough breath to talk, “I really need to… have… a… climax. I know you just had one… Please, untie me…”

“Poor baby.” Ilene giggled compassionately, ”I’m sorry, I’m not allowed. An orgasm would inf… influence the whole research and Lisa would get REALLY angry with us.”

“Oh but… Please…” Natalie thrusted her pelvis in frustration, “We wouldn’t… need to tell her… I…” She tried to look as seductively as she could into Ilene’s eyes, “I can make you feel… good again… I haven’t done it with… ummm… but I’ll learn… Please? Ilene?”

Ilene laughed and had to stop herself from hugging and kissing her sweet patient. “No way. She’ll notice and I loose my job. It will wear off. I promise. Here, I’ll make you relax a bit. Just try to calm down.” She got some lotion and started to massage down the girls shivering thighs. It didn’t tickle this time. It just felt good and indeed very relaxing.

“Ummm… but… no… I need to…” Natalie whimpered, but it got less and less insistent until she was simply enjoying the gentle massage. The whole tickling had left her very exhausted and after a few minutes she felt her tension loosen up.

Ilene lovingly massaged the lotion down her legs while Natalie hung in her bonds.
When her whole body was covered with the creamy substance, Ilene began to rinse it off. She changed the thin jets to a warm, soft massaging adjustment and carefully sprayed the water all over the girl’s skin. Her practiced, gentle hands continued to massage the helpless body lovingly while the warm water rinsed the soap away…

* * *

In an office down the corridor, a woman relaxed in a large, plush easy chair. She was in her late twenties, with long, dark hair and very deep green eyes. One leg was comfortably dangling over the armrest and her eyes were fixed on a big monitor on the desk before her. Her right hand was buried deeply in her pants and lazily moved up and down.

Her eyes stayed glued to the screen when she heard the door behind her opening.

“Hi Jen. Is every thing going all right?”

“Hi Lisa.” The woman replied without turning around or taking the hand out off her pants, “Yes, perfect. You just missed Ilene’s climax.”

Lisa stepped behind the chair and looked at the screen. It showed the bathroom, were Ilene was just helping a quite exhausted Natalie out the shower and gently started to dry her off with a big, fluffy towel.

“The party‘s over, I guess?” asked Lisa.

“Yes, unfortunately.” Jenny answered.

“Well, looks like you at least had some fun.” Lisa grinned down at Jenny’s erect nipples which stood up through her T-shirt. She softly started to massage down her shoulders and around her small, pointy breasts.

“Hmmm!” Jen moaned and arched her back upwards, “She’s great. I really wonder where you get all those hot girls from. And Ilene was brilliant, too. Hmmmm!” What ever her hand was doing in her Jeans increased in speed, while Lisa had begun to lovingly squeeze her puckering nipples.

“I know.” Lisa simply said, still watching the monitor. In the bathroom Ilene was sliding the robe over Natalie’s naked form. Then she put an arm around her shoulders and escorted her out off the room. Just before they left, Ilene blew a sexy kiss towards the camera behind the girl’s back.

“Oh yeah, she’s the best. Hmmm! You should have seen her Cumming.”

Lisa laughed. “I know what she looks like when she cums.” She left her position behind the chair and knelt down at Jen’s side. She playfully pulled Jen’s hand out off her pants and slipped her own inside instead. “So,” she started to explored all around the outside of Jen’s soaked panties, “who’s gonna take over?”

Jen had closed her eyes and lay totally relaxed in the luxurious chair. “Taznim will prepare her for the night. I… hmmmm! I’ve already arranged the pills and stuff… Oh! Lisa!” She put her other leg over the second armrest to offer Lisa even better excess…

“Goooood girl.” Lisa easily slipped her hand inside Jen’s panties and softly tickled her slit. “Oh my goodness! You’re dripping! How often did you cum watching them, Jen? One time… two times… three times… fffooouuur times?” As she counted, she slipped more and more fingers inside Jen’s throbbing pussy, until she had four slender fingers massaging her sensitive tunnel and her thumb lovingly playing with her clit.

Jenny didn’t answer. Every time Lisa added another finger she reacted with a sweet squeal. She just lay in the chair, eyes shut, her arms loosely hanging down the sides and enjoyed Lisa’s treatment.

“Listen, Jenny.” Lisa said and continued her action, “I actually wanted to ask you if you could assist me tomorrow. Laura will be busy in the laboratory and I would need a good technician by my side. Would you do that for me?”

“Oh! Oh yeeees! I’d love to. Hmmmm! What will we doooo?”

Lisa’s other hand now slid under Jen’s T-shirt and slowly headed upwards. “Oh well, just some more tests and measurements. To get preferably good results, we’ll have to know exactly how she reacts to different kinds of sensations.” Meanwhile her hand had reached Jen’s braless breasts and continued just where she had stopped earlier. “And we’ll also have to measure her genitals to fit the suit precisely. And things like that…”

“Ooooh! Sounds like fun! Hmmmm! Don’t stop!” Jen’s breath was very heavy now.

Lisa laughed. “Oh, yes. I think we will have fun, but there’s also some quite ambitious work to do.”

“Poooooor Lauraaaah! Doing some boring… Oh! Boring laboratory shit, while we gonna fuck… Aaahhhh! I’m so close!” Jen panted her hips thrusted back and forth and her pussy sucked hungrily on Lisa’s massaging fingers.

“Don’t worry.” Lisa giggled, “I gave Laura the key to her room. She’ll probably visit her during the night… I just hope there’s something left in the morning… Laura can be quite… relentless, you know?” While Lisa spoke, Jen had started to orgasm. Her head dropped back and a massive shiver ran over her body. Lisa felt her sex puckering while she continued to pleasure it, until Jen’s body dropped limp back in the easy chair.

Lisa giggled sweetly. “Oh my, you’re faster than the fire engine. I haven’t even started properly.” She withdrew her hands and stood up. “So, see you tomorrow.” She bent down to press a deep, passionate kiss on Jen’s lips and walked towards the door.

“Oh… wait… Lisa?” Jen turned her head at Lisa, who just opened the door. Her face was glowing with pleasure and she was quite out off breath.

“Yes?” Lisa turned around.

“I… Well, if you see Laura, tell her she should do what ever she does before two A.M. otherwise the sensitivity might grow less.”

“Ok. I’ll tell her.” Lisa said and opened the door.

“Oh… stop… Lisa?” Jen quickly added.

“Yes again?”

“Em…. Thanks…”

Lisa laughed. “You’re welcome.” She turned around to leave the room.

“Oh… ummm… Lisa?” Jenny said once more.

“And again?” Lisa turned back and looked at her colleague.

“I just thought… ummm… may be you would like to watch the recording of the “party”? We could have some wine…? May be tonight after work?”

A big smile appeared on Lisa’s face. “I thought you would never ask… I’ll be there.” She said quietly. Then she blew Jen a kiss and closed the door behind her.


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  1. PeriwnkleFeather Says:

    Please make part three!

  2. Richard Kokoszki Says:

    Very detailed reactions and thoughts for Natalie. And Ilene is relentless. If Natalie wasn’t tied up she could have tickled a very vulnerable and spent Ilene after her orgasm.

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